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The logistics performance index of Cuba is 2.18. It indicates mediocre performance - transit procedures are relatively unreliable, punctuality and safety of transported goods are often an issue, although such a system can work relatively well when traffic is not too heavy.

Inch performance is rated at 2.17. This indicates mediocre performance - although somewhat ineffective, clearing processes do not unduly deter international business activity, occasionally required fees and/or documents required can be unpredictable, long clearing times can also be an issue.

The quality of infrastructure in Cuba is rated at 1.84. It indicates mediocre quality - roads, railways, ports and other facilities are capable of handling some significant traffic, but not enough to ensure smooth transit at all times.

International shipping quality is 2.47. It indicates a mediocre performance - the services provided are reasonably attractive to foreign customers, and the price is right up there with the quality, which is still not very competitive.

The competence of logistics service providers is rated at 2.08. The providers are of mediocre competence - they can ensure a certain quality of their services, sometimes even outstanding, although their overall performance can still be deficient in many aspects.

Tracking options for shipments are rated at 1.99. It indicates mediocre performance - the tracking systems provide some information, which usually includes the most necessary subjects, such as the current location of a shipment, the arrival and departure dates and the status of a shipment; however, there is usually a lack of more detailed information on the status and multilingual accessibility options.

Tracking options for shipments are rated at 2.45. It indicates a so-so performance - most shipments arrive either towards the end of the scheduled timeframes or late.

In Cuba, 100% of the population has access to electricity. Cuba has 133 airports nationwide. There are 3,244 internet hosts in Cuba. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Cuba is 5.

Road network
The total length of roads in Cuba is 52,202 km (32,444 miles). Of these, 654 km (406 miles) of roads are classified as freeways, dual carriageways, or freeways.

Gas price
On average, one liter of petrol costs USD 1.4 in Cuba. A liter of diesel would cost $1.18.

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